22. nov. 2006

...jag blir rädd...

Du säger at du älskar fåglar,
men endå sätter du dem i bur.
Du säger att du älskar blommor,
men ändå plockar du dem.
Du säger att du älskar vinden,
men ändå stänger du fönstret.
Fattar du inte att jag blir rädd
när du säger att du älskar mig?

Fra 'Ord av kärlek'
en BonnierCarlsen bok

2. nov. 2006

Love and Marriage

"When people get married because they think it's a long-time love affair, they'll be divorced very soon, because all love affairs end in disappointment. But marriage is a recognition of a spiritual identity."

Joseph Campbell

1. nov. 2006

To Love, Get Down To The Basics

When God sent down His messengers, their brief was to caution us against evil and encourage those who obeyed the Creator's command. The messengers were there to spread His word and certainly not to force obedience. Then where is the scope for clash? Those who love their Creator can never hate His creation. Man on the one hand proclaims to be the servant of his Creator and worships Him. On the other hand he regards His creation unworthy of his affection solely because of difference in faith.

The Creator has never commanded us to hate someone because of his belief. He has taught us to be mindful of all life forms. So we have no right to denounce another's religion or faith. Many a time, fighting in the name of religion has very little to do with faith. It is economic interest, hunger for power and territorial gain that spurred people to violence. How-ever, the fact remains that religion continues to exercise strong emotional appeal and therefore it becomes an effective rallying point and tool to grab power.

All religions strive to bring order into society, not disruption. But man ignores the core teaching. Reformists have dedicated themselves to focus attention on righteousness throughout the ages but there are some who have continued to do damage to human relations.

True, over the years, we have sharpened our language skills enough to couch our real intention in sophisticated arguments and exotic terminologies. But deep down, our basic instincts remain... only to resurface at the slightest provocation. We have to grasp the essence of our individual faiths to be able to contribute to peaceful living on planet earth.

By M Yusuf Khan

Love, Mysticism and Myth

Love has innumerable dimensions and an awesome array of different effects in the world, so it is not surprising that one can find thousands of unique definitions of this universally celebrated human emotion. Each testament and definition is a single voice in a vast choir.


We need a new mythology in which homosexuals and bisexuals are fully accepted members of society. But the social reformation cannot stop here. The entire notion that male and female are the only natural sexes must be dropped in favor of a spectrum of sexual diversity. The notion that hermaphrodites are deformed human beings is absurd and dangerous. To fall outside of the norm is neither bad nor unnatural, and society has no right to surgically invade a person's body just because she or he does not fit into the normal boxes. All official forms and documents should have at least three boxes for gender: female, male, and other, because others do exist and they have a right to be acknowledged.

The bottom line is this: we need to reinvent our myths of erotic and romantic love. We need to do this not only so that we can stop oppressing sexual minorities, but so that we can reclaim the lost realms of our own spiritual lives.

Written by Gaylen Moore

Seven Ancient Love Stories

In ancient Greece lived a handsome and talented sculptor named Pygmalion. He loved his work and would spend hours carving beautiful ivory statues, always at his happiest when immersed in his art.

One day he chose a large, beautiful piece of ivory, and worked for many long hours at it, chiseling and hammering until he finished. It was a statue of a beautiful lady. Pygmalion at once fell in love with his creation - he thought it was so beautiful, and he clothed the figure, gave it jewels, and named it Galatea, which means "sleeping love". Treating Galatea as if she were his girlfriend, he brought his ivory statue shells and pebbles, little birds and flowers of all colors. He was obsessed!

... read the rest of this story, and six more at "Myth Man's Award-Winning Homework Help" by clicking the heading

Love, Myth & Metaphor

... Once you tell your partner that you love them, then you feel vulnerable. This happens because you have let your feelings loose, you have told your partner the way you feel. Many people think that these feelings are very personally and should only be announced when your partner feels the same way. The vulnerability occurs because you are susceptible to being hurt, and this can lead to depression. When you get your reply, you close this vulnerability of being hurt as you know whether your partner loves you or not. Another way to put it would be; once you say "I love you", a gap is opened within your body and is now open for infection. A nice reply to "I love you" will seal your wound, and you feel good about yourself.

From an article by Davinder Mahal

The Cupid Myth: The Eros and Psyche Story

"Psyche" is a Greek word for "butterfly" and also for "the soul". At times, the beautiful butterfly of Love looks more like the lowly caterpillar; and sometimes Love lives in a self-protective cocoon concealing the loveliness inside from the gaze of mortal eyes.

Love is, as Kahlil Gibran puts it, a "spiritual affinity" - a meeting of two souls on a level that mere senses cannot divine, nor mind can explain. Love is not seen nor heard, and often goes unrecognized. Love is not in looks - it is in hearts and souls!

We sometimes call it "chemistry" - that attraction and reaction which occurs when certain people meet. If it's a sexual attraction but lacks a spiritual affinity, then it is Lust (Eros). A spiritual affinity without sexual attraction is deep Friendship (Agape).


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