29. mai 2011

El amor nunca muere

Love is always a mixture of different illusions and feelings that are permanently in the life of each human being, who experiences periods of ups and downs marked by joy, pleasure and also hatred or resentment. For love or hatred a human being activates an enormous quantity of energy, one fights or makes war, one undergoes the most terrible tests, takes risks, overcomes the hardest difficulties, moves mountains, crosses oceans and nothing stops that person until he/she has reached his/her goal. For this reason when a man and a woman fall in love, it is the encounter of two souls who wish to unite forever and to have a full life with all its manifestations. For them it is like a flame that lights up or like the noise of a thunder or the glitter of thousands of lights that illuminate their existence. True love happens only once and when it happens it is forever, so much that one or both of them can exclaim: “to a unique being, to my only love, with all my heart and forever I dedicate my existence for eternity”.

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© 2010 Hernán Huarache Mamani


Towards a new education

"We have not come on this earth to work like machines, but to live life fully trying to enrich our evolution. To reach this goal we urgently need the creation of a different educational institution from the present one, which allows the harmonization of the different components that distinguish the human being from other mammals. In this proposal men, but above all women, must be encouraged to discover again the sense and responsibility of life, to learn how to live in harmony without looking for power through war, religion, politics or propagating ignorance."

© 2010 Hernán Huarache Mamani 

24. mai 2011

As shattered lives are put back together, cracks remain

"They knew what she was really up to, in part because she told them, in part because they’d known her since Andrew had first led them on the begging expeditions when they were all little kids. 

Everything she was doing now, in reaching out to Andrew, was designed not only to forgive the rapist but to shine a light for the children he had raped. Everything she did was fit to a purpose. As she had done for them all their lives, she gave them what they needed. When she saw they lacked food, she gave them eggs and milk. When she saw they lacked toys, she gave them trampolines and backyard swings. When she learned about the rapes, she sent men with guns to their door.

And now, when she saw that they lacked forgiveness she gave them a model of forgiveness, to drain anger out of their souls."

BY ROY WENZL, The Wichita Eagle, From part three of this article

9. mai 2011

Livsviktiga behov

Fra Alice Miller's bok Bilder från en barndom

"För att kunna utveckla sig behöver barnet respekt och skydd från vuxna, som tar det på allvar, älskar det och uppriktigt hjälper det att finna sig till rätta."


2. mai 2011

Eleutheria - Lenny Kravitz

"My life is perfect
Because I accept it as it is
The sunshine is shining
Because it is what it is"

From Eleutheria
lyrics by Lenny Kravitz


John Fowles

Ill.: SonjaBunes 1990

What are we faced with in the nineteenth century? An age where woman was sacred; where you could buy a thirteen-year-old girl for a few pounds... if you wanted her for only an hour or two... where more churches were built than in the whole previous history of the country and where one in sixty houses in london was a brothel. Where it was universally maintained that women do not have orgasms; and yet every prostitute was taught to simulate them. Where there was an enormous progress and liberation in every other field of human activity; and nothing but tyranny in the most personal and fundamental.
- John Fowles


There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies.
My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness.

- Dalai Lama


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