17. feb. 2010

The Love of the Universe is flowing in every situation

Forgiveness Is Not Letting Bygones Be Bygones; It Is Recognizing That
Nothing Wrong Ever Took Place
That's when I understood that, seen from the spiritual perspective, there can be no victims or perpetrators in this dance - and therefore no right or wrong. What we call life is essentially an illusion - a spiritual game designed for our spiritual growth.

(This is not to say that the physical world is not real in the physical sense. Neither am I saying that we are not accountable for our actions in this physical world. We are. We have to be in the human world to the fullest extent even while knowing that beneath the apparent reality of this world, there is a deeper and more profound meaning to life that, right now, we are not fully privy to. Knowing that the Love of the Universe is flowing in every situation gives us the strength and the power to act with purpose and integrity, and to take right action free from the judgment and fear - oriented mindset that ordinarily determines our perception of life. Not only are we always more likely to be flowing with life and in peace, when we allow ourselves to feel the Love, we are also more likely to be effective in this world)."

By Colin Tipping
award winning author of RADICAL Forgiveness, Making Room for the Miracle

Joy is the inner awareness of giving without expecting

Spiritual Healing

"Everything that we do is involved with healing. Our own personal lives are every bit as much connected with healing as when we stand in front of the person to place our hands on them. So the whole process of energy movement is something that happenes with us in all situations that we are involved with.

The combination of discipline and precision is what is needed in energy. Peace, understanding and love is what you need to have relationship to in directing energy to another person. You have to have peace in yourself, you have to have understanding or an increasing understanding of you and your connection with the other person and you have got to have love in what you are doing. The word love is a very much misused word, but it has an exact meaning and it is only seen when it is expressed. So if you are going to use love it has to be expressed. And if you are working with other people and you don`t have joy in what you are doing you should stop working, because you can`t work with other people if you don`t have joy in what you are doing. Joy is the reality of expression and it links to the heart chakra more than any other chakra that we have. Joy is the inner awareness of giving without expecting."

Bob Moore


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