28. nov. 2010

C u e t l a x o c h i t l - julestjerne

A flower that is native to Tenochtitlan. The Cuetlaxochitl can grow as high as 10 feet tall and its beautiful red flowers bloom in the winter time in Mexico. The word Cuetlaxochitl means, "mortal flower that perishes and withers like all that is pure". The Cuetlaxochitl was never touched, but left alone as 'an exotic gift from nature'. It was highly prized by Montezuma and Netzahualcoyotl, but could not be grown in their capital, now Mexico City, because of the high altitude. Nevertheless, beautiful botanical gardens existed throughout the Aztec empire in pre-Hispanic times where plants were cultivated for their ornament and medicine. From October to May, the cuetlaxochitl was admired and observed. By careful selection, colors ranging from white to almost black, had been obtained and still exist, even though the scarlet version remains the most abundant today.

Most Mexicans know the Cuetlaxochitl as Noche Buena since it blooms around Christmas time.

Eg er

“Eg er” er ei danseframsyning om det å vere menneske. Ein songar og ein dansar utforskar det å vere og ikkje vere i møte med kvarandre og gjennom abstrakte resirkuleringar av eit kort tekstutdrag frå Fernando Pessosa sitt dikt Tabacaria. I eit underleg poetisk univers presenterast ei framsyning i spenninga mellom viljen og væren, mellom draum og røyndom. Framsyninga er utvikla i eit gjensidig samarbeid mellom utøvarane, komponisten og regissøren, og byd publikum til ei ny kunstoppleving av dans og song.

Medverkande: Solveig Styve Holte- dans og koreografi, Felicia Kaijser- song, Agnes Ida Pettersen- komponist, Johanna Raita- regi og scenografi

I am nothing

I am nothing

I shall never be anything

I cannot wish to be anything.

Aside from that, I hold within me

all the dreams of the world.

Today, I’m defeated, as if I’d learned the truth.

Today, I am lucid, as if I were about to die.

I made of myself something beyond my knowledge,

And what I could make of myself I failed to do.

The domino costume that I wore was all wrong.

They immediately took me for someone I was not

and I didn’t deny it, and I was lost. When I tried

to take off the mask,

It was stuck to my face.

When I took it off and looked in the mirror,

I had grown old,

I was drunk, and I didn't know how to put on

the costume that I had not taken off.

I threw the mask away and slept

in the dressing room

As a dog tolerated by the management

because he’s harmless.

And I’m going to write this story to prove

that I’m sublime.

Fra Tabacaria (The Tobacco Shop) av Fernando António Nogueira Pessoa. Poet, 1888 - 1935


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